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Felix Schröter


I'm experienced in designing & implementing Cloud-native solutions tailored to highly specialised needs. Containers, microservices, serverless setups — I'm familiar with all the important tools.
Type safety
I love strong type systems. They avoid runtime exceptions like the billion-dollar mistake by checking for errors at compile time. A good type system enforces error handling & allows developers to focus more on actual application logic.
"But it works on my machine" — how many times did you hear this? Running into issues building software can be frustrating & time consuming. That's where reproducible builds with declarative environments come to the rescue! Nix is one such system that allows you to use the same dependencies on all developers' machines & in CI/CD pipelines.
Plan, Develop, Deliver, Operate — Repeat DevOps is about continually providing value to customers. Teams who adopt DevOps streamline their processes & automate their systems. This allows rapidly delivering features & maintaining a reliable system.
Software development is such a vast field and I love learning about new technologies. You can expect software built on modern state-of-the-art technologies & methodologies from me.
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